Thursday, October 29, 2009

More West African Hour

Here are a few more episodes of the West African Hour.
This episode highlights the influences of American music on the music of West Africa. All types of crazy styles!

This episode features the music of Mauritania, highlighting the Islamic influence. Check the Doors guitar halfway through

One of our first forays beyond the confines of West Africa. This episode features music of Ethiopia off the Ethiopiques collection cause it's bangin!

This episode focuses on Mali and Guinea, the roots of the West African Hour. Highlighting Djeli music and Dance Bands- crazy combo, but Trust Me!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Still West African Hour, but not so Spooky

So now it's the regular hosts of many aliases. This episode is all psychedelic. Put on your poncho and kick off your sandals and just feel it, man!

Another episode. Featuring superstars (at least as we see them) from Senegal and Nigeria

The Last Two Episodes of the West African Hour with Spooky Luke

Episode 8: This features African Hip Hop, mostly coming from Spooky Luke's tape collection, assembled while in Mali

Episode 9: Last one with Luca, all about the Kora (watch out, it 'looks like a penanis)

Monday, October 26, 2009

More West African Hour

Fourth Episode of the West African Hour: Festival Nuits D'Afrique

Fifth Episode: Oumou Sangare

Sixth Episode: Burkina Faso and Tinariwen

Seventh Episode: Cape Verde

First Episodes of the West African Hour!

Here's what came before the Pan African Hour- The West African Hour! More of a strict mandate, more Spooky Luke (later of Planet Hip hop fame). First Episode- Malian Superstars!

Second Episode: Nigerian Juju!

Third Episode: Fela Kuti!