Friday, December 9, 2011


Originally aired Sept.18th, 2011 on CJSR 88.5fm in Edmonton, AB. In this episode Ranking B & TamTam the Destroyer be casting off the chains of HHSOPB's global hip hop mandate and playin' some of our favorite hip hop tracks from the country that birthed the genre, good ol' Amerika. Hold on to ya hats cuz this episode gonna pop ya tops off.
The Roots, The Fugees, Blackstar, Aesop Rock, KRS-One & Channel Live, Goodie Mob, Hieroglyphics, The Pharcyde, MF Doom, GZA/Genius, Tribe Called Quest

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

HHSOPB: South Africa!

Originally aired on Jan.30th, 2011 on CJSR 88.5fm in Edmonton. On this episode TamTam the Destroyer and Ranking B are layin' down a profile on Hip Hop from South Africa, the Rainbow Nation. Plus a extra special philosophizing session about Die Antwoord. Hot Tracks from:
Prokid, Prophets of Da City, Ben Sharpa, Nthabe, Cape Flats, Zola, Die Antwoord, Brasse Vannie Kaap, Emile YX?, Tumi & The Volume