Monday, August 30, 2010

Runny Noise- Middle Eastern Psychedelia

Rolling backwards through the world, from Poland last week to the Middle East's psychedelic leanings, with a dash of Montreal's very own Sam Shalabi. Enjoy!

Mehrpouya Soul Raga
Mogollar Uskudara Giderken
Omar Khorshid Guitar El Chark
Raed Yassin Naima
Omar Souleyman Jazeera Nights: Folk and Pop Sounds of Syria
Wadih Essafi Aandak Baharia Ya Rayess
??? Latchodrom Soundtrack
The Devil's Anvil Karkadon
Baris Manco Derule
Arif Sag Osman Pehlivan
Orhan Gehencebay Hatasiz Kul Olmaz
3 Hur-El Gonul Sabreyle Sabreyle
Troupe Majidi Essiniya
Troupe Majidi Khlili
Raed Yassin My Heart
Jerusalem in My Heart Live June 16th 2007
The Shalabi Effect Amber Pets
Shalabi Effect Harpie
Shalabi Effect Blue Sunshine

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Runny Noise- Polish Experimental

Backwards through the world, what fun! This week is Poland, Hungary, and a dash of Russia. Jazz, garage rock, electroacoustics, and some very drawn-out drone ballads courtesy of Constellation records. Tracklist is as follows:

The Band of Endless Noise You Can Hide
Mazzol and Arhythmic Perfection Andrzej
Masc Venus in Furs
One Million Bulgarians Przybywa Nas
Bom Wakacje w Rzymie Pierwszy
Anawa Stwardniej
Black Ox Orkestar Ver Tanzt?
Ewa Demarczyk Biedna Dziewczyna
Daniej Matej Satiollage
Mor Drammaz Niezano (zano)
Arkona Computerliebe
Teleecho Mars Bars
Krzysztof Komeda Czarownica
Milosc Swedzenie plazmy/zywica
Tomasz Stanko Infinitely Small
Auktyon Anabena
Black Ox Orkestar Az Vey Dem Tatn
Do Make Say Think Make
Frankie Sparo City As Might Have Been
Polmo Polpo Romeo Heart
Troupe Majidi Khoudrini


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Runny Noise- Japanoise

Last post of this massive series. Next few shows will be a look at world music through the bleary eyes of Runny Noise. First installment: Japanese Noise, with a focus on the prolific and talented Yoshimi P We and Yamantaka Eye originally of the Boredoms. Lots of noise for you noisophiles.
Shonen Knife Public Bath
DJ Olive/Ikue Mori/Kim Gordon Stuck on Gum
Yoshimi Side B
John Zorn and Yamataka Eye Sticky Beethoven\'s Pipeline
Acid Eater Yes, Motion
Hanatarash Dub Dub Overload
Mantako Come On! Me!
Yamantaka Eye, Hanatarash, Acid Eater\'s overloud recording tech
Melt Banana Disposable Weathercock
UFO or Die MC 5 or 6
Killing Time ???
Koenji Hyakkei Quivem Vrastorr
Slow Hareruya
Tipographica ???
P.O.N. George Ni Sei #8
Merzbow Inside Looking Out
Ruins Mahavishnu Orchestra Melody
UFO or Die Kendo Machine Smokin\'
Kouhei Matsunaga Natsuyumesou
Melt Banana Pigeons in My Eyes
Boredoms Shock City
PIG Fight Boring
The Poly Shores Hentai is Too Art
Nervous System Burning White Light
Seizure Salad/Indiensoci Sleeping Buddy
Tonstartssbandht Electric Dragon Sword
Dead Wife TXT me
Wasted Widow Heroin Quest

Runny Noise- Avant Electronica

Whatever that means. The world of electronica in 2010 is so vast that to try and say something seems out of the ordinary is a bit lame. But in any case, this was an incredibly fun show to make, I hope that translates. The track listing is as follows:

Black Dice Bananas
AGF Private Birds
Throbbing Gristle AB/7A
Ariel Kalma Ba-Tu Kalma
Boards of Canada Seeya Later
Funki Porcini Robert Crumb's Natural Gait
Killing Time Skip
Identification Slinkity Sound
Tony Da Gatorra vs. Gruff Rhys Espirito Luz
Silver Apples A Pox on You
Chrome Creature Eternal
Monitor Pavillion
Skeptics Water
Thomas Brinkmann Unnamed
Depatterning Track 4
Steve Roach El Mitote
Tim Hecker Stags, Aircraft, Kings and Secretaries
Identification Roachclips
Caribou Bowls
Excepter Give me the Cave
Pan Sonic Kierto
Holzkopf Taking Shit at 98 Decibels

As per usual, I hope you enjoy it!

This is a wave file, and is VERY large... check it out by searching at for "Runny Noise- Avant Electronica"

Runny Noise- Outsider Music

Into the world of the off-key, comic, inane, wacky, like nothing you've ever heard before. It's a show about the stars of the world of "outsider music"- in other words, music which has not been beaten into your brains by too many radio stations. Non-commercial, experimental, sometimes hard to listen to, here are the artists that made the edge of the music world come to life:

The Residents Medicine Man
Wesley Willis My Keyboard Got Damaged
Bingo Galingo and My Robot Friend You're Out of the Computer
Luie Luie El Touchy
Legendary Stardust Cowboy Stand
Normand L'Amour La Poignee de Porte
Captain Beefheart Dachau Blues
David Liebe Heart Public Access
Ivor Cutler Go and Sit Upon the Grass
Human Skab Eat My Skabs/ Song of the Century
Ivor Cutler How Are you shut up
Normand L'Amour Le Petit Pinson
Normand L\'Amour, Davib Liebe Hart, Ivor Cutler
Dynamo Coleoptera Disco
Dennis Duck All Skate
White Noise Here Come the Fleas
Scout Niblett Landing Strip
Thoth The Herma, Scene 5: Recitation/An
The Ridiculous Trio I wanna be your dog
The Space Lady I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night
Wesley Willis Gingerbread Knocked me Out
The Residents Two Lips
Pastoralia Daddy Daughter Dance
Grimes Sardaukar Levenbrech
Pas Chic Chic Se Mirer Mare
Pompoir Going Nowhere
Fortress Otoro
Wasted Widow Skyscrape my Shapes
Grimes Rosa
Wicked Witch Erratic Behaviour


Runny Noise- Rock in Opposition

Well, folks, it's been way too long and I have been less then faithful in both posting and showing up to my radio show, but here's the long overdue past couple of months' worth of runny noise, just for you!

This post involves the show "Rock in Opposition", which includes the following tracks:

Etron Fou Leloublan Nicole
Fred Frith Cap the Knife
Henry Cow/Slapp Happy Beginning: The Long March
Miriodor Valence
Samla Mammas Manna Shouts From Embassy
Henry Cow 1/2 the Sky
Nazca Lladotoprogato
Camberwell Now Sitcom
Miriodor Jerusalem
Gong Supercotton
This Heat 24 Track Loop
Cassiber Vengeance is Dancing
The Muffins Monkey With Golden Eyes
Aksak Maboul Mooche
Miriodor Mme X
Art Bears Rats and Monkeys
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum The Widening Eye
P.O.N. Yumin #5
Six Cylindres en V Youpi
Next week- outsider music
Miriodor Reveille-Matin
Identification Is Jazz Dead?