Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Runny Noise- Avant Electronica

Whatever that means. The world of electronica in 2010 is so vast that to try and say something seems out of the ordinary is a bit lame. But in any case, this was an incredibly fun show to make, I hope that translates. The track listing is as follows:

Black Dice Bananas
AGF Private Birds
Throbbing Gristle AB/7A
Ariel Kalma Ba-Tu Kalma
Boards of Canada Seeya Later
Funki Porcini Robert Crumb's Natural Gait
Killing Time Skip
Identification Slinkity Sound
Tony Da Gatorra vs. Gruff Rhys Espirito Luz
Silver Apples A Pox on You
Chrome Creature Eternal
Monitor Pavillion
Skeptics Water
Thomas Brinkmann Unnamed
Depatterning Track 4
Steve Roach El Mitote
Tim Hecker Stags, Aircraft, Kings and Secretaries
Identification Roachclips
Caribou Bowls
Excepter Give me the Cave
Pan Sonic Kierto
Holzkopf Taking Shit at 98 Decibels

As per usual, I hope you enjoy it!

This is a wave file, and is VERY large... check it out by searching at for "Runny Noise- Avant Electronica"

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