Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Runny Noise- Japanoise

Last post of this massive series. Next few shows will be a look at world music through the bleary eyes of Runny Noise. First installment: Japanese Noise, with a focus on the prolific and talented Yoshimi P We and Yamantaka Eye originally of the Boredoms. Lots of noise for you noisophiles.
Shonen Knife Public Bath
DJ Olive/Ikue Mori/Kim Gordon Stuck on Gum
Yoshimi Side B
John Zorn and Yamataka Eye Sticky Beethoven\'s Pipeline
Acid Eater Yes, Motion
Hanatarash Dub Dub Overload
Mantako Come On! Me!
Yamantaka Eye, Hanatarash, Acid Eater\'s overloud recording tech
Melt Banana Disposable Weathercock
UFO or Die MC 5 or 6
Killing Time ???
Koenji Hyakkei Quivem Vrastorr
Slow Hareruya
Tipographica ???
P.O.N. George Ni Sei #8
Merzbow Inside Looking Out
Ruins Mahavishnu Orchestra Melody
UFO or Die Kendo Machine Smokin\'
Kouhei Matsunaga Natsuyumesou
Melt Banana Pigeons in My Eyes
Boredoms Shock City
PIG Fight Boring
The Poly Shores Hentai is Too Art
Nervous System Burning White Light
Seizure Salad/Indiensoci Sleeping Buddy
Tonstartssbandht Electric Dragon Sword
Dead Wife TXT me
Wasted Widow Heroin Quest

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