Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eat My Country: A Capella

April 28th, and Edmund Chuck is still Lone Ranger. He keeps it lonely, with all A Capella tracks. Because it's mostly the voice, that gets you up, mostly the voice that makes you buck...
Stan Rogers-Barrett's-Privateers; La Bottine Souriante-La Ziguezon; Paul Piche-Ou Sont-Elles;Alan Lomax-St. James Hospital; J.D. Cornett-Spring of '65; Will Roseborough & the Tie Tamping Group-The Dallas Railway; Fred Eaglesmith and the Flathead Noodlers-The Building; Hollis "Fat Head" Washington-Early In the Morning;Lightning Washington-My Pretty Yellow Gal; Alabama Sacred Harp Singers-Rocky Road; Jim Mickles, Edie Miles-High Rolling Sergeant; Rebeka Del Rio-Llorando;Percy Ridge-Western Cowboy; Moses 'Clear Rock' Platt-Old Joe Clark; Neko Case-Furnace Room Lullaby; Joseph "Chinaman" Johnson and Group-Fallin Down

Pan African Hour- It's that RBG!

RBG, bohunk it's that RBG! That's right, the Pah goes revolutionary but gangstah, or at least Red, Black and Green. Playing a mixed bag of tracks involving those three colours.
Knaan and J Period-My Country/Small Axe; Tony Tribe-Red, Red Wine; Master Chivero-Black September; Bruce Green, Tweedie Gibson, Clifton Green-Hallelujah My Mother Gone Over; Ophelia-Red Light Lady; Ofo and the Black Company-Allah Wakbar; Mulatu Astake-Green Africa; Dennis Brown-Take A Trip;I Roy-Black Man Time;The Greenwood Singers- All Fo You;Dennis Brown-Blood Sun;Ben Sharpa-Into the Black

HHSOPB: Cool Nights, Hot Beats

Originally aired Mar.14, 2010. Spooky Luc on his lonesome, on a cold winter night. Spotlight on Canadian hiphop yo, i mean eh? Poland, Brazil, and a few more

HHSOPB: For my Homies Locked Up

Originally aired Mar. 7, 2010. Spooky Luc got locked up for weapon possesion in Thunder Bay airport, so Ranking B had to hold it down for those under lockdown. Playin' straight cage rattlers from Nigeria, Mexico, a little shout out to Guru of GangStarr, Cape Verde, Barbados, Nunavut, Brazil, France, Congo, Norway, and finishin' off with a bootleg tune from Edmonton's own mmmBerta.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Eat My Country: Other Country's

April 21st 2010 episode of Eat My Country. For the first time ever, Alberta Bertha is gone, leaving Edmond Chuck to fend for himself. Joined by Dusty Dreeko, the boys visit a bunch of different countries. From Russia to China, from Spain to Mali, from Kenya to Chile, from Mongolia to... Alberta? It's a crazy mixed up game. Saddle up and ride!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HHSOPB: Beats for Olympians, and short comings

Originally aired Feb. 28, 2010. Ranking B in the house with some fine Ladies: TamTam tha Destroyer and Cocoa T. Dedicated to the Petryshyn Clan, JT Monet, Jarvey and Likkle Liam

HHSOPB: Buns out of The Oven

Originally aired Feb.21,2010. Dj Spooky Luc and Dj TurnitUp. Kyrgis hip hop, Greenland Hip Hop, South Korea and more. Big Tings a gwan, so SOUND THE BIG TING DEN!

Pan African Hour: Soundway Label Part 2 (April 21, 2010)

It's the return! Soundway part two. From April 21st, we finish up the shiznit with Super Guitar Boy, Tumbele!, Panama! 2 & 3, Ghana Special and Nigeria Afrobeat Special. With tracks by K'naan & J. Period, Sir Victor Uwaifo, The Exciters, L'Ensemble Abricot, Les Loups Noirs D'Haiti,
Christy Azuma & Uppers International, Cutlass Dance Band, Little Francisco Green, Segun Buknor and his Revolution. Get up to get down y'all!

Hey Ladies! Eat My Country! (That's what she said)

This episode is strictly for the ladies. Or at least it's all about them. A walk through women; a lesson on ladies; a feature on females. Featuring Holly Golightly, Marianne Rosenberg ,Carolyn Mark ,Opal, Neko Case, Inger Lise Rypdal, The Sadies, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Hazel Dickens, United Steel Workers of Montrea, Marianne Faithful, and Lake Of Stew. Featuring a special surprise guest! It's a woman!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

HHSOPB: Hip Hop for Lovers

Originally aired Feb.14, 2010. Valentines Day Special ya'll. Slow jams from around the Globe, check Ranking B with the Teddy Fresh impression. One of our best shows yet, don't forget to give ya shawty some sumpin sumpin on our behalf.

HHSOPB: New Bread to fill ya belly

Originally aired Feb.07, 2010. Featuring new global beats in the background and the first of a months worth of Dream Warriors. Music from Burkina Faso, Haiti, Cape Verde, Cantonese Hip Hop, Azania raps and more.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pan-African Hour: Soundway Label Part 1 (April 14, 2010)

The Soundway Label is a record label run out of the UK which has released a variety of compilations of music from Africa and the Diaspora. It's also our favoritest label ever! In this episode we go through music from the first nine albums released by Soundway, in chronological order. Also DJ Good Cop and DJ Bad Cop grill special guest host DJ Con Love (AKA: Tara) on life in prison, with Wildstyle beats playing in the distance. Its just another crazy day on the PAH! Featuring music by African Brothers, The Mebusas, K. Frimpong, T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo, Lord Cobra, Orquesta Nunez, The Sahara All Stars of Jos, Dr. Adolf Ahanotu, and Action 13, from the albums Ghana Soundz Vol.1 and Vol.2, Afro Baby, Kings of Benin Urban Groove, Panama!, Disco Fuentes, Nigeria Special, Nigeria Disco-Funk Special, and Nigeria Rock Special.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pan-African Hour: Whatever (April 7, 2010)

Sasparilla plays an eclectic mix of favorites, as well as some new muusic that has just come out. Featuring music by Hirut Beqele, Ebo Taylor, Artur Nunes, Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabate, King Sunny Ade, Fela Kuti and the Africa 70, and Balla et ses Balladins.