Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pan-African Hour: Styles of South Africa (March 31, 2010)

Check out a variety of styles from the country of South Africa. Jazz, folk, gospel, mbaqanga, and pretty recent hip-hop. All these styles are explored, taking tracks from such albums as the rough guide to south african jazz, or to south african gospel, and the indestructible beat of soweto series. Sasparilla goes it alone while Sassafrass survives off peanut butter on a 3 day bus ride to Edmonton. Featuring music by Raymond Mbele, Knaan and J Period, Miriam Makeba and the Skylarks, Manhattan Brothers, Jazz in Africa, John Pengu, St.Moses Choir, SAC Choir, Udokotela Shange Namajaha, Makhubela and Nkhohlwani Girls, DJ Fuck and MC Rad, Godessa,and Sibot.

HHSOPB: Our Agenda: Spread it all over the place, ya face and the World

Rankin' B back in the booth, 'longside Dj Spooky Luc, from Jan.31st, 2010, cold chillin' yo. Featuring tunes from Canada, Greenland, Romania, Austria, Australia and Cantonese hip hop amongst other global gold

HHSOPB: What's Cooler Than Cool? Ice Cold

And thats what kind a beats we rockin on the Jan. 24th, 2010 episode of Hip Hop Spread On Planet Bread. Featuring Dj Spooky Luc and his shawty. Scandinavian Hip Hop profile

HHSOPB: New Years Beats from the back o' the limo

First Show for 2010, originally aired on CJSR 88.5fm in Edmonton on Jan.3rd. Dj Spooky Luc and Rankin' B along with our chaffuer Dj A-1 is steady spinning global hiphop like the eart' on its axis. Featuring Peru, England, Tanzania, France, Cuba, Brazil and Commander Adama

Monday, March 29, 2010

Pan-African Hour: Habib Koite (March 24, 2010)

Having just interviewed Habib Koite the day before and hyped to go see him later that night (for free cus were DJs, suckers!), Kool Moe Dree and Sza play some of his music and discuss the interview, which we recorded with a shitty tape recorder and which was thus unplayable. Oh well. Anyway, we play some of his stuff as well as some music he likes. The show was pretty dope too. Our first interview, and with a huge figure in the international music scene! Sweet!

Eat My Country: Have Gun Will Travel- Western Weaponry

Alberta Bertha, Edmon-Chuck, and special guest Robert Redford (who is promoting his new film 'Electric Horseman') present a classic western radio play 'Have Gun Will Travel', followed by music to support the theme of western weaponry.

Have Gun Will Travel- Strange Vendetta

The Sadies w/ Andre Williams Weapon of Mass Destruction
Corb Lund Devil's Best Dress
Neko Case Dirty Knife
Chad Vangaalen- Graveyard
Demon's Claws- Blood From the Beating
King Khan and BBQ Show- Mind Body and Soul
United Steel Workers of Montreal-Shot Tower

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cinematic Country

March 22, 2010. This one focuses on music n' movies. You know, the Good the Bad and the Ugly style? Lotsa strings and things. Punctuated by trumpets, it's all very epic and sad. Starring Calexico, the Sadies, ol' Corby Lund, the Misfits, Fred Eaglesmith, Ennio Morricone Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and a French guy. Eat My Country, suckah!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pan Perception Hour, Man

Woah, it's like soooo trippy. Listener discretion, you might get high just listening to it. Professor Puff n' Stuff melds minds with Sir Smokes A. Lot to bring you the most psychedelic of African Musics. Gal Costa, BLO, Mulatu Astake, Toto Bissainthe, King Tubby, Moudou ould Mattalla, Hossam Shaker and his Ensemble, Hassan Hakmoun, Masanka Sankayi and Francis Bebey drops tabs and blow minds in this special green tinted Pan African Hour. Wooah!

Oh and if anyone is listening, please comment and such, cause we'd all love to know you're out there...

Country Raps! Can You Believe It? I Can't...Plus Chronological Corb

Yes indeed, Eat My Country goes Hip Hop. Everybody's doing it, so we should too. This episode unites all three radioscum shows. We play country (obviously), but versions of rap songs or hip hop inspired shindigs and we even play an african MC (K'naan) so we're hittin on all angles. Plus everybody's favorite, Corb Lund, gets a spot light. Chronological-like.
Corb Lund:Band Heavy And Leaving
Apocalyptic Blues
Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier
Horse Doctor Come Quick
I Know What That Song Means Now
Daughter Don't You Marry No Guitar Picker
Carolina Chocolate Drops:Hit 'Em Up Style
Ultra Mega: Shimmy Shimmy Ya
Lake Of Stew: Pretty Sarah
K'naan & J. Period:Relationships Lay
K'naan & J. Period:It's Alright Ma
Freddie McGregor:I Shall Be Released
mmmmmBERTA:Alberta Beyond Alberta Bjorn
Corb Lund:Talkin' Veterinarian Blues

Monday, March 8, 2010

Eat My Country- New Old Timey

Get drunk then blow on your empty jug... listen in to some old timey music of past and super present!

Lake Of Stew-Sweet as Pie
Gid Tanner & the Skillet Lickers-Soldier's Joy
Cherryholmes-How Long
Carolina Chocolate Drops-Trouble In Your Mind
Corb Lund -We Used To Ride 'Em
Paul Brunelle-Le Train Qui Siffle
Jimmie Rodgers-Waiting For A Train
Lake Of Stew-Hey Bully
United Steel Workers of Montreal-Glen Jones
Dixieland Jug Blowers-House Rent Rag
Maria Muldar-He Calls That Religion
Milton Brown-Mamma Don't Allow It
Cherryholmes-Red Satin Dress

Pan-African Hour: African Hip Hop (March 3, 2010)

The PAH salutes their radio counter-part Hip Hop Spread on the Planet Bread with this show on African Hip Hop. Using compilations given to them or brought to their attention by Spooky Luke and Rankin' B, Smilodon and Frownadon tackle hip hop from Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea, Senegal, Mali and...Senegal. Check out the latest from Knaan and J Period with their new albums The Messengers (parts 1 to 3). Featuring music from compilations like Africa Raps, African Underground-Depths of Dakar, Global Hip Hop: Beats and Rhymes - The Nu World Culture, and African Underground Vol 1 Hip-Hop Senegal.

Pan-African Hour: The Syllart Label's African Pearls Series (Feb 24, 2010)

Syllart is a French record label that has put a series called African Pearls. On this show we play music from four CDs of this series, featuring music from Guinea, Mali, Senegal and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Most of the music is from the 1970's. Syllart is an awesome label, and this series is excellent, so check em out on the net! This show features music by Amadou N'Diaye, Orchestra Baobab, Bombenga et Vox Africa, Empire Bakuba, Quintete Sextete, Super Boiro Band, Les Ambassadeurs du Hotel de Bamako, L'Orchestre National A du Mali.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pan-African Hour: African Funk from Nigeria and Ethiopia (Feb 17, 2010)

From Ethiopia and Nigeria comes blazing funky glory! Leslie's last show on the PAH before the return of Sassafrass. Music by Mahmoud Ahmed, Don Isaac Ezekiel Combination, Segun Buknor and his Revolution, Hirut Beqele, Ofo the Black Company, Tlahoun Gessesse, Bongos Ikwue, Tadele Beqele, Koola Lobitos, Alemayehu Eshete.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pan-African Hour: Rough Guides to West Africa (Feb 10 2010)

This show features music from two compilations put out within the Rough Guide series, The Rough Guide to Mali and Guinea and the Rough Guide to Nigeria and Ghana. Music by Daah Sossa Band, C.K.Mann, Afel Bocoum, Adewale Ayuba, Toumani Diabate and Taj Mahal,Sir Victor Uwaifo, Balla et ses Balladins, and Sweet Talks.

Pan-African Hour: Cuba and Haiti (Feb 3 2010)

From Haiti we got the incredible Toto Bissainthe doing some real spooky voodoo music, and Ti Coca. From Cuba we got Septeto Nacional, Orquestra Sublime, Conjunto Campesino Cuyaguateje and Grupo Afro Cuba de Matanzas.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Eat My Country- One Man Band

See if you can tell who's what of the who's who... a show of Beefheart, Waits and Vystoski all pretending to be each other. Barley country, barely legal. Plus, stay tuned for the last third of the show to hear a CanCon Heritage Segment- Aka Winnie The Pooh.

Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band-Sure Nuff Said
Vladymir Vysotsk-Pyesnia Pro Sluchai
Tom Waits -Jesus Gonna Be Here
Vladymir Vysotski-Dvye Sudbi
Tom Waits-Trampled Rose
Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band-Electricity
Tom Waits-I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band-Yellow Brick Road
Vladymir Vysotski-Pogavory Xot Ti So Mnoi
Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band-Where There's Woman
Neil Young-Alabama
Joni Mitchell-Carey
Neil Young-Old Man
Neil Young-The Needle And THe Damage Done
Joni Mitchell Little Green