Friday, December 18, 2009

HHSOPB in style: October 18

One of our finest shows yet minus the 15 min of static at the end. This episode feature hip hop outta France Italy Haiti Tanzania Canada Spain and Cameroon.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pan African Hour: Best Compilations from 2000-2009

Aired on Dec 2 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
The end of the first decade of the 21st century is at hand. This decade saw the release of some killer African music compilations. DJ Baba Ram Dass and DJ Be Here Now go over the top ten compilations, as well as awarding some honorable mentions. Pretty much all of the music is from the 70's, that glorious decade when African funk reigned supreme and cheesy synths and the "World Music" market had not yet corrupted African perfection. This is some of the greatest music ever, and perhaps our best show yet. Also, the blogging of this show marks the point where our blogs become contemporary to the shows being produced. From here on out we'll try to have a weekly update.

Pan African Hour: You Say Party, We Say Dice

Aired Nov 25 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
A bourgeois cocktail party is interrupted by two dice wielding rude boys, who cut off the lounge jazz and insist on randomly selecting music from 6 CDs by dice rolls. Its the return! As the party becomes more and more intense with African grooves, people start getting out of control, and a bunch of kids start cheering after every track and bring a lion to the festivities...

Pan African Hour: Alien Encounters in Southern Africa

Aired on Nov 18 2009 on CJLO
When two alien groups (the Swamp Sex Robots and the Zardozians) take over CJLO, they play music from Mozambique, Malawi and Angola, all the while proclaiming rulership over Earth and the culinary delights of human...flesh!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Pan African Hour: C is for Caribbean and Columbia

Aired on Nov 11 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
This episode is brought to you by the letter C, which stands for Caribbean, Columbia, calypso and cabbages. Crazy...

Pan African Hour: Cuba and Puerto Rico

Aired on Nov 4 2009
The Caribbean contains many styles of music. This episode of the PAH looks at Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Pan African Hour: Brazil

Aired on Oct 28 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
All types of music from Brazil, from old school Tropicalia to contemporary electro experimentalism.

Pan African Hour: Peru

Aired on Oct 21 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
Music from Peru, specifically, Afro-Peruvian music, but also a bit of 60's and 70's Peruvian psychedelic rock. Features music from one of our favorite contemporary groups, Novalima.

Pan African Hour: Ring Around West Africa Part 2

Aired on Oct 14 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
Our favorite DJs move in a ring around West Africa, staring in Cameroon, moving along the coast, turning inward at Mauritania, and finishing in Burkina Faso.

Pan African Hour: Musical Styles of Jamaica

Aired on Oct 7 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
A comprehensive look at post-mento musical styles in Jamaica. Special guest DJ Rankin' B (Hip-Hop Spread on the World Bread) delivers exacting knowledge on the subject, and chaos reigns in the music studio when four of our friends show up and do rasta chants with us.

Pan African Hour: African Hip-Hop

Aired on Sept 30 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
In collaboration with DJ Rankin' B and DJ Wot!? from Edmonton, the PAH brings you hippity hip-hop you don't stop from Africa. DJ Rankin' B represents for Hip-Hop Spread on the World Bread, our blogspot compadres from CJSR (Edmonton).

Pan African Hour: Mali

Aired on Sept 23 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
Music from Mali, a country with a diverse and flourishing musical scene.

Pan African Hour: From Ska to Dub

Aired on Sept 16 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
Learn a bit about Jamaican music, from ska in the 60's to dub in the 70's.

Pan African Hour: DJ Doo Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Doo's Favorite Picks

Aired on Sept 9 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
Flying solo, DJ Doo Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Doo gives us an eclectic show, from afro-beat to ska.

Pan African Hour: Montreal Summer Festivals 2009

Aired on July 22 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
Two festivals that occur every summer in Montreal which feature African music are the Montreal Jazz Festival and, of course, Nuits D'Afrique. Check out some of our favorite acts featured in one of these festivals in the 2009 summer.

Pan African Hour: Reggae

Aired on July 15 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
Check out Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, and Mikey Dread. DJ Kool Merc shows off his latest vinyl acquisitions which he discovered in New York. Special guest DJ Chaos-tal.

Pan African Hour: Dance!

Aired on June 10 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
African dance music! No talk spots, just pure grooving the whole show through.

Pan African Hour: Return of Lucadon!

Behold the rampage of the Lucadon! One of the original hosts of the West African Hour, Lucadon appears here on its successor show, the Pan African Hour. With Driijkodactyl and Stefanosaurus Rex, carnage spreads across Montreal.

Pan African Hour: Eastern West Africa vs Western West Africa Part 2

Aired on May 27 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
The game of dice continues as Eastern West Africa and Western West Africa do battle for supremacy. Check out the exciting conclusion!

Pan African Hour: Eastern West Africa vs Western West Africa

DJ Gates McFadden represents Western West Africa and DJ Finnaeus Ginch represents Eastern West Africa. Who shall prevail? Find out over a game of dice, where chance is the only determinant.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pan African Hour: Nuits D'Afrique 2009

Aired on May 13 2009 on CJLO (Montreal)
Nuits D'Afrique (African Nights) is a festival that goes on every summer in Montreal which brings in musicians from the African Continent and the Diaspora, as well as local musicians involved in African music. In anticipation of its 23rd year we play tracks from some of the compilations representing previous years.

Pan African Hour: Southern Africa

Aired on May 6 2009 on CJLO
Check out music from South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, and Zambia.

Eat My Country- Black Cowboy Music

Eat My Country Nov 16 2009
Black cowboy music, worksongs, prison songs and Alan Lomax anthologies.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

(Insert funny title here)

This one's about Madagascar, a place we've never been...

Ring Around West Africa, with Dj Sasparilla going lone wolf. With special guests Tom Waits and Morrisey

More cuba

From Zambia to Ethiopia

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So much fun...

Here's an episode from March 25th, 2009. Featuring Brazilian music with special guests Terry and Deaner. Where the fuck is Tron! (Fubar, 'sayin'?)

Yet another episode on Mali. Mali Fest!