Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Country Raps! Can You Believe It? I Can't...Plus Chronological Corb

Yes indeed, Eat My Country goes Hip Hop. Everybody's doing it, so we should too. This episode unites all three radioscum shows. We play country (obviously), but versions of rap songs or hip hop inspired shindigs and we even play an african MC (K'naan) so we're hittin on all angles. Plus everybody's favorite, Corb Lund, gets a spot light. Chronological-like.
Corb Lund:Band Heavy And Leaving
Apocalyptic Blues
Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier
Horse Doctor Come Quick
I Know What That Song Means Now
Daughter Don't You Marry No Guitar Picker
Carolina Chocolate Drops:Hit 'Em Up Style
Ultra Mega: Shimmy Shimmy Ya
Lake Of Stew: Pretty Sarah
K'naan & J. Period:Relationships Lay
K'naan & J. Period:It's Alright Ma
Freddie McGregor:I Shall Be Released
mmmmmBERTA:Alberta Beyond Alberta Bjorn
Corb Lund:Talkin' Veterinarian Blues

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