Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ol Favorites

Just some ol favorites of Edmon-Chuck and mine. We've played everything here on our shows before and will probably play it again... whoooohoooooooooooo!

Chris Isaak-Voodoo
United Steel Workers of Montreal-Glen Jones
The Sadies-Another Day Again
Conjunto Casino-Jinetes en el Cielo
Alan Lomax-St. James Hospital
Corb Lund-My Saddle Horse Has Died
Townes Van Zandt-St. John The Gambler
Corb Lund-No Roads Here
Alan Lomax-All The Pretty Little Horses
Clarence Ashley-Naomi Wise
Hobart Smith-Cuckoo BIrd
Bill Cornett-Pretty Polly
Leadbelly-Western Cowboy
Alan Mills Anti-Confederation Song
Lake Of Stew-Hey Bully
Washington Brown & Group-Hallelujah (lamb on the altar)

Fred Eaglesmith-I like trains
Neko Casse-Prison Girls

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