Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eat My Country: Native North American Folk Traditions

Listen to some contemporary folk music of Native North Americans (including Tuvan sounds-listen and you'll hear why!). You'll hear bassy Iirngaaq singing from Inuit groups, paired with Tuvan throat singing, along with dynamic group vocals from Cree, Salish and Navajo groups. Oh and a little bit of 'Love lift us up-Buffy Sainte-Marie', 'cause I ran out of music. If you listen closely you can hear a special guest (Jbi) breathing in the background! But if you listen too close you might have your ear drums blown out by wise ol' yokel.... real loud talker that one.
Tanya Tagaq- Sila
Tudjaat- Ah Hum Mum Ma
Tudjaat- Hum ha ba ba
Tanya Tagaq- Seemless
Tuva- Sigit Six
Nations Women Singers- Bingo Song
William Burnstick- Cree Prisoner's Song
Tzo'Kam- Women's Honor Song
Crying Woman Singers- Singer's Honor Song
Navajo-Yeibichei- talking gods song
Six Nations Women Singers- Mother Earth
Jani Lauzon- Wabakii Bezhig
Six Nations Women Singers- Ho Way Hey Yo
Tanya Tagaq- Qimiruluapik
Tuva- Domestication of Sheep to Lamb
Navajo- Corn Grinding song
Buffy Sainte-Marie- Starwalker

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