Saturday, December 4, 2010

Eat My Country: Given' Er

Episode of Eat My Country from December 1st, 2010. Music and songs all about goin out a workin hard. Plan B: to keep on given' er. Songs about jobs and shifts. Workin hard and hardly workin. Gettin the job done. Gettin paid for workin and figurin out ways to get paid without workin. Featuring The Sadies- Dyin' Is Easy
Corb Lund Band- Roughest Neck Around
Fred Eaglesmith- Chain Gang
Billy Bragg- Farm Boy
The Unsettlers- Out Of Nails
Smithsonian Folkways- Carettiera- Wagon Driver's Song
Olenka & The Autumn Lovers- Iron Pump
Bill Cornett- Old Age Pension Blues
The Grass Mountain Hobos- Scrape the Paint
Dink Roberts- High Sheriff
Jimmie Strothers- I Used To Work On A Tractor
Tzo'kam- Gathering Song
Guitar Welch, Hogman Maxey & Andy Mosely- Take This Hammer
Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir- Neighborhood Butcher
Lucious Curtis- Payday
Demon's Claws- For A Buck Or Two
The Sadies- Cut Corners

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