Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eat My Country: Hush Tones

January 12, 2011 episode of Eat My Country. We're so happy to be back that we DON"T raise our voices. This episode is all about music of a soft nature. Whisperers, soft talkers, hushers and lullabies, it's in hush tones.
Featuring the Sadies Dyin is Easy
Patrick Watson Snowy Day For Lhasa
Lhasa De Sela Where Do You Go?
The Sadies The Quiet One
Tasseomancy Healthy Hands Will Morn You
Calexico The Black Light
The Magnificent 7's The One
Timber Timbre I Get Low
Tasseomancy The Darkness Of Things
Fred Eaglesmith Car
Smog In The Pines

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