Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pan-African Hour: Mbalax (Feb 2, 2011)

Mbalax is a style that developed in Senegal in the late 70s. Moving away from the Cuban craze that had gripped Senegal in the 60s and early to mid 70s, Bands such as Etoile de Dakar, Super Diamono and Xalam paved a new direction which borrowed from Wolof traditional rhythms, mixing these with elements of African-American music and rock and roll. Tracks from this episode are taken from the magnificent African Pearls series put out by Syllart, specifically the albums Musical Effervescence and The Teranga Spirit.
Omar Pene & Le Super Diamono - Maaduleen
Etoile De Dakar - Tolou Badou Ndiaye
Gelewar Band - Wallou!
Xalam - Daida
Diarama De St. Louis - Xaste Waroul
Etoile de Dakar - Thiapa Thioly

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