Friday, March 18, 2011

Pan-African Hour: Highlife (March 2, 2011)

Living the highlife, guaranteed yo! Highlife is a style that developed in early 20th century Ghana, and is a broad ranging style that includes almost any type of popular music that came out of that country. It also really caught on in Nigeria. The style usually sounds happy and relaxed, and can be performed with a small guitar-based ensemble or as a large big band ensemble.
E.T. Mensa & His Tempos Band - Tutugborvi
Dr. Sir Warrior & the Oriental Brothers - Uwa Atu Alamuju
Marehamu George Mukabi - Bibi Mama Ngani Mzuri
King Onyina - Ohia Asoma Wo
Kumasi Trio - Womma Onye Bi
E.T. Mensah & His Tempos Band - Muntum
Jerry Hansen & The Ramblers Dance Band - Ekombi
Rex Lawson & His Rivers Men - Peri Special Mbanga
Sir Victor Uwaifo - Igboroho
Ghana High-Life and Other Popular Music - Sugar Soup
Guyoyo - Osikuni Atamfo
Wuliband - H.E. Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya A.J.J. Jammah
Wuliband - Yiri Fa Soto

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