Friday, July 9, 2010

Eat My Country: Faces n' Places

Taken' 'er easy on a hot summa' day... Eat My Country presents different landscapes sung 'bout in western music. With a special guest Yokel Ono and his story of where he's from and where he's going.

Fred Eaglesmith Rebecca Street Will Roseborough & the Tie Tamping Group The Dallas Railway O.J. Abbott Hogan's Lake Laurence Walker Alberta Anne Halderman A Poor Lone Girl In Saskatchewan The Sadies Northumberland West Jesse Fuller San Francisco Bay Blues Jimmie Owens Geogia Land Willie Ford Santa Field Blues Lil' Son Jackson Cairo Blues Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Egypt Texas Calexico Frontera Hobart Smith Cumberland Gap Bill Cornett Born In Old Kentucky Fred Eaglesmith and the Flathead Noodlers Dixie Mountain The Sadies Venison Creek The Carter Family The Foggy Mountain Top

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