Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pan African Hour: Dice Street

July 7th, 2010 episode of the Pan African Hour. Join Badass Benny on the hot streets, scamming bougies, cowboys, Aliens, Poindexters and FBI agents at dice! Oh and he gets played himself, by the one and only Old Stinky Rag Numba Two! Playing from six compilations: Panama! 3, Calypsoul, Zanzibara Vol. 2, the Rough Guide to Nigeria and Ghana, Soul of Angola Vol. 1, and Congo 70: Rumba Rock. Featuring music of Magic Circle Express-Magic Fever, Urbano De Castro-Maria De Horta, Eric Agyeman-Matutu, Ralph Weeks with The Telecasters-Gua Jazz, Ophelia-Red Light Lady, Matano Jurna-Risala, Lipua Lipua-Kamale, Tony De Fumo-N'Ginda, and Los Mozambiques-Llegamos Ya. Listen up, but don't get played, suckas!

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